UA Hope-Texarkana Fully Reaccredited by Higher Learning Commission


The University of Arkansas at Hope-Texarkana (UAHT) has completed its 10-year reaccreditation review by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). UAHT was reaccredited through 2031, having fully met all Criteria standards without further review or follow-up. 

The HLC accreditation is a quality assurance verification that the institution meets threshold standards and engages in continuous improvement. The evaluation process includes such things as faculty quality, student learning outcomes, mission, ethics, and the institutional use of data-based assessment to improve curricula and student services. 

UAHT underwent a review process by five peer reviewers from institutions of higher education in February. Peer reviewers are trained to evaluate institutions’ demonstration of whether they meet accreditation standards and make recommendations to HLC’s decision-making bodies. The College was evaluated against a set of Criteria for Accreditation that institutions must meet to receive and/or maintain accredited status through the HLC. UAHT has been continuously accredited by the HLC since 1996. The College is on the Open Pathway of HLC’s 10-year accreditation review cycle. The Open Pathway Assurance Review requires a virtual Assurance Review four years following the Year 10 review. 

The peer review team evaluating UAHT’s Assurance Filing found: “the College produced evidence of aligning curricular and instructional decisions as well as academic program offerings with the needs of the public.” The peer review team further noted that “collaboration with external constituencies is a strength of UAHT.” 

“We are very proud of the work and progress we have made over the last few years,” said Laura Clark, Interim Chancellor.  “Now, through the Assurance Review process, we are encouraged that we can continue to advance our institution toward the goals we have set, and in a manner consistent with the Obligations of Affiliation of the Higher Learning Commission.”

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