Empower TXK: Homeless Resource Day


The Texarkana Homeless Coalition (TXKHC) is hosting Empower TXK: Homeless Resource Day. This day is driven by nonprofit organizations to help meet the needs of the homeless. Empower TXK will be held on Sunday May 22, 2022, from 10am-4pm at Crossties Event Venue located at 324East Broad Street, Texarkana, AR.

The goal of the Homeless Resource Day is to help individuals or families experiencing or near homelessness find, enroll in, and receive services that are a challenge to obtain. Numerous organizations help to meet the needs of the homeless by providing them with proper resources and tools to succeed in life and eventually get to a better situation. These services are provided by corporations, nonprofits and government agencies.

The idea started after seeing the success and impact that the City of Longview had from their Homeless Resource Day. Services will include but are not limited to distribution of hygiene kits, dental care, haircuts, showers, housing information, food, personal care products, veterans’ services, medical care, mental health, Texas identification cards, employment counseling, employment job placement, and clothing.

About Texarkana Homeless Coalition
TXKHC consists of many organizations and individuals working together to end homelessness in Texarkana and Bowie County. For more information, visit our website at www.txkhc.org.

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