Escaped Prisoner Captured

captured22This morning, a tip came in from a member of the public about a suspicious person that could possibly be Jeremy Pifer. The tipster stated that the location of the sighting was a couple miles north of Fouke.

The authorities immediately went out to the sighting with search dogs. The dogs got on the scent quickly and led to a shed in a pasture where Pifer apparently was hiding.

Dina Tyler, the Deputy Director at the Arkansas Department of Corrections, stated that the shed is located 3-4 miles north of Fouke on Highway 71 North close to County Road 43.

Pifer was taken into custody with no problems. “This ended the best way possible with no one hurt and the inmate back in custody,” stated Dina Tyler. “The inmate is tired and hungry. He might have some insect bites. Other than that he is ok,” stated Dina Tyler.

After the arrest, he was taken to Miller County for questioning because he will likely face charges in Miller County. After this, he will be taken to the Arkansas Department of Corrections to a more secure facility.
There was a lot of people involved in this capture who worked tirelessly: the emergency response team from the Department of Corrections, Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Game & Fish, Miller County Sheriff’s Office, the U.S. Marshals from Little Rock and many others.

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