“Every Kid in a Park” welcomes 4th graders to visit President Clinton Birthplace Home


President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site welcomes every fourth-grade class from the region to visit and learn about the president’s childhood as part of the “Every Kid in a Park” program.

All fees associated with transportation will be covered by the historic site, said Christian H. Davis, supervisory park ranger for the birthplace home in Hope, Ark. Walt Disney and the National Park Foundation have provided the grant, and interested schools should contact the historic site for additional information.

To receive the funds, a pre-site visit to the classroom will need to be arranged, and a follow up activity will need to be completed by the students.

The program is geared toward fourth grades, but other grades are welcome to participate, although priority will be given to fourth-grade classes.


President Bill Clinton’s 1st Home Museum and the adjacent Clinton History Exhibit Center have recently expanded the historical exhibits, with images from Bill’s family, childhood friends, and events. The museum’s exhibits strive to prompt an understanding of how influences of Bill’s first ten years helped shape his ideas and policies, concepts now influencing the whole world.

The Clinton Museum Store offers some of President Clinton’s favorite books, crafts from the Clinton Global Initiative and Fair Trade Federation, as well as postcards, educational items and political memorabilia.

Park rangers have developed a program titled “Connecting the Dots-President Clinton and Civil Rights” which connects two of the seven National Park Service sites in the state of Arkansas together.

Clinton’s childhood experience include moments of the civil rights movement and events that took place in Little Rock as part of the Central High School desegregation crisis.

Participating fourth-grade classes will receive a free pass to all National Park Service sites and a pre- and post-visit by a park ranger. To schedule a visit contact the site and let them know your class availability, said Davis.

For additional information, contact Davis at 870-777-4455.

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