Family hopes Internet stranger has nothing to do with missing 14-year-old girl


10612727_697313460323873_3255498065648429447_nMadison Browning, 14, was last seen this morning at 8:55 a.m. No one knew she was missing until her in-laws came over at noon to take her shopping and discovered she wasn’t home.
The door was unlocked when they arrived.
The evening before, her mother had taken away her cell phone because she was talking to a stranger on the Internet, said Kevin Browning, Madison’s father who shares custody with Madison’s mother.
“She got into a bit of trouble last night by talking on the Internet with somebody she doesn’t know. But she has a Kindle Fire (which has an Internet connection),” he said.
Nothing at the house appeared out of order when Browning arrived home. There was no sign of a scuffle, he said. The only thing that was unusual was that the door was unlocked.
“If she had been here alone she would have kept the door locked. And, she would have locked it behind her when she left,” Browning said.
The home that Madison lives in has a surveillance system in place that identifies all cars that enter and leave the home. The Bowie County Sheriff’s Department is scouring that information now. The sheriff’s department is also monitoring all social media in case Madison or her friends posts her whereabouts.
It’s promising to note that Madison had no intentions of running away from home as she packed no overnight bags. She did, however, take her Kindle Fire. Her father hopes that this is merely a young teenage mistake and that she’ll soon return home.
“This is very uncommon for her. She comes from a good home. She’s a good kid.”

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