Feasibility Study Seeks to Find Local Route for I69

NET RMA Priority Project Grant Proposal for Bowie County

A feasibility study for the I-369 Western Spur connecting existing I-369/US 59 to I30, US HWY 82, and US HWY 67 was submitted to determine whether or not to pursue the 10 mile project.  The 18 page proposal consists of a 6 page project narrative, 6 pages of map exhibits, and 6 local recommendation letters.


The objective of the proposal is to establish a route that will give relief to freight traffic for the urban centers of Texarkana as well as enhance accessibility to Red River Army Depot, TexAmericas Center, and the overall traffic of I-69.

The estimated cost of the feasibility study is between $600,000-$800,000 and would be used to identify potential revenue sources, provide a traffic analysis that includes freight activity in the area, and identify high-level environmental factors, among other elements listed in the grant proposal.

NET RMA Priority Project Grant Proposal for Bowie County

Local investors and stakeholders will work in accordance with the Metropolitan Planning Organization and TxDot to assist them in making an educated, informed decision on the final route of I-69. The MPO is comprised of Highway and Transportation Department personnel, Texas Department of Transportation personnel, Federal Highway Administration personnel, and city staff.

NET RMA Priority Project Grant Proposal for Bowie County

The project will facilitate economic growth in the area by increasing accessibility to the region and beyond.  There is financial support from The City of Texarkana, TexAmericas Center, and Bowie County collectively amounting to $100,000 to complete the feasibility study.

NET RMA Priority Project Grant Proposal for Bowie County

Letters of support were submitted from Chamber President Mike Malone, Steve Mayo, Texarkana, Texas City Manager Shirley Jaster, Tom Whitten Bowie County Commissioner, Chairman of TexAmericas Center Boyd Sartin, and Bowie County Judge James Carlow.


Despite the immense amount of effort by the individuals who contributed to writing and supporting the grant, their initiatives are being disrupted by a smaller group of citizens in the community who are advocating for a crosstown freeway in lieu of one that is directed towards the West.


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The MPO and other entities are working together to determine a route that will benefit the most people while still being financially sound and responsible.

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