Fields of Faith 2017


The 5th annual Fields of Faith in Texarkana was hosted at the Pleasant Grove High school Hawk Stadium Wednesday October 11, 2017. The event was sponsored by Red River Fellowship of Christian Athletes and several other local sponsors. This year’s event drew over 4,500 guest and saw a total of 300 life changing decisions.

Fields of Faith is a nationwide student led event where communities can come together and hangout, worship and hopefully spark something amazing in their community. This event was originally started in Oklahoma by Jeff Martin who saw a need in this generation to get back into the word.

This is Texarkana’s 5th year to host this event and they continue to see the numbers grow. This year there were 20 schools from around the area represented at the event as well as churches and other community groups, and the stands were packed.

“We don’t want this to just be an event, we want this to be a movement in Texarkana,” said Eric Akin, Area Director for Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Akin has been a part of FCA for five-and-a-half years and was a youth minister for twelve years, and he believes in this generation. He loves being around students and seeing their lives transformed. He said this isn’t a job, it’s a passion and he truly enjoys it.

“The whole point of the event is to share Christ with the students and to encourage them to get into the word,” said Akin.

Several students shared their testimonies throughout the night of what they had been through and how the Lord brought them through it. The event also included an illusionist, Jarod Hall, who wowed the crowd with his magic, and rapper, Zeke, who performed a very moving spoken word that shared his testimony and struggles.

Austin Oglesby, youth pastor at City Church Texarkana brought 60–70 of his students to this year’s event. He said it’s not hard to look around and see the negative in Texarkana, and around the country and that’s why he enjoys having Fields of Faith, because it brings hope and positivity with it.

“I hope that students start to see the difference we’re making and start to see Jesus in a different light,” said Oglesby.

Skyler Cox, Genoa Central High School Senior and football player, said he always enjoys coming to Fields of Faith, and this year he played the role of an alter worker for students wanting to make a life changing decision.

“Looking up into the stands and seeing all the kids rushing down to the field, because the just accepted the Lord into their lives, is truly amazing,” said Cox.

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