Firefighters extricate man from single vehicle Interstate accident

TTFD works to extricate the driver from his vehicle. (photo by Field Walsh | TXK Today)

Texarkana, Texas firefighters spent around an hour extricating a man from a single vehicle accident on Interstate 30 just west of Nash Wednesday afternoon.

Witnesses told a DPS trooper on scene that the vehicle ran off interstate into the median before over-correcting and crashing into the tree line along the shoulder. Damage could be seen where the car impacted a pine tree around 6 feet up.

According to Texarkana, Texas Fire Captain Matt Buhrer, the driver was pinned by the roof and dash from his abdomen all the way down.

Buhrer said while it does happen from time to time it has been a while since he has seen someone trapped this bad.

The driver was alert and communicating with first responders and did not appear to suffer and major life-threatening injuries.

According to the driver’s father, who showed up on scene, he was heading from New Boston to register for school at Texarkana College.

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