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Jen Dierksen, Owner and Hot Yoga instructor at Texarkana Yoga, has been setting high standards for fitness and health in the Texarkana area since 2012.

Dierkson’s unique introduction to yoga began over 22 years ago when she was in college. Traditionally, students practice for an extended period of time and then decide to train and teach yoga at an extensive and spiritual level.   However, Dierksen began when she was teaching group exercise in college and her friends encouraged her to pursue and research the practice and lifestyle.

“I began teaching at Texarkana Yoga in 2012 and I knew I wanted my own yoga studio in a couple of years.  I believe life does come full circle because shortly after that decision, the owners of Texarkana Yoga approached me about purchasing the existing business.   Things moved quite rapidly and December 31, 2013 I started my new journey of owning the yoga studio of my dreams.  It has been an honor and a privilege to grow this business in Texarkana.  We have doubled the amount of classes on the schedule and quadrupled memberships and attendance.”

Texarkana Yoga offers a variety of fitness courses including cool, warm, and hot yoga.  There is a “golden ladies” class too for seniors or those with health issues.

Dirksen hopes for continued growth for her business and clients who are seeking an alternative approach to fitness and health.  

“The practice isn’t just about stretching.  The practice of yoga is a powerful way to change your life.  It is just as important mentally as it is physically.  I’ve seen hundreds of testimonies from students that  have experienced major life changes-some with chronic pain relief, anxiety, depression, recovery, weight gain, and more.”

Yoga is more than just a business for Dierksen, it is a lifestyle for her and her family-especially between Dierksen and her daughter.  

“Jordan began practicing yoga at age 15 and she is now almost 18.  She’s had multiple ankle injuries and had a surgery this past May.  She started her yoga practice back a few weeks ago and is thriving in it again.”

The Dierksen ladies have always been very athletic and active. Yoga has been a tool not only for mental and physical health, but as a way to help families bond and grow in health together.

Those interested in attending a yoga class can contact Texarkana Yoga at (903) 244-1802 or visit them at 2011 Mall Dr #5, Texarkana, TX 75501

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