Four States Fair Parade Video Shows Horse Mishap


horsesThe official video of The Four States Fair Parade shows a horse spooking and hitting a child. TXK Today heard a police radio call for a spooked horse on the Four States Fair Parade route that had injured a child but due to the parade blocking the street we were unable to get to the scene. According to witness accounts the spooked horse pinned a child between itself and the tailgate of a truck. Multiple on scene witnesses have stated the rider got off the horse and whipped it multiple times. He was then confronted by officers and onlookers.

According to witnesses the rider claimed it was not his horse.

There did not appear to be any major injuries. A witness said the child’s leg was bruised a little and the parents drove them to Wadley. No word yet from TAPD on the incident.

You can see it happen around 45 minutes and 30 seconds.

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