Goal Getter, Mother, and Entrepreneur


While you were sleeping, Whitney Long is already well into her day, checking off her list of things to do and accomplish. Her life is based around family, fitness, and passion.  She works everyday to promote, support, and push her students, children, and household to better themselves.

Long had no idea what was in store for her when she attended a 5:00 a.m. group fitness class at The Compound.  In the beginning, this new lifestyle took some adapting to, but over the course of time her body and mind acclimated to the change and surpassed all expectation she had placed on herself.

“I think it’s important to never stop moving forward in life and I believe the value a person places on self improvement has a direct effect in their pursuit of happiness and success. Fitness is not all about eating right and working out.  It means waking up every day and making the choice to live in a consistently goal oriented mindset, never letting your excuses be louder than your determination!  “

Her mornings began with a positive start, her days full of energy, and her body began to strengthen.  She was seeing the results of her daily discipline.

“I was side by side conquering challenges with the most positive, goal hungry people I had ever met! I was becoming a stronger woman as the benefits rippled throughout my personal and professional life.  It became very clear to me how unique this program Tyler created was, so unlike anything I had experienced and I knew I was where I was supposed to be.”

(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

The Compound has imprinted a long-lasting impression within Long and the other staff members of The Compound.  Not only are the workouts extensive and personally designed by owner, Tyler Hilton, but the atmosphere is very supportive and intimate.  All of the staff share this enthusiasm for their fitness family and the success for those seeking a healthy life.

As a mother, Long strives to set a good example for her children, especially her daughter.

“ If there is one thing we hope the kids always keep close to them it is that they are capable of accomplishing anything they ever want as long as they are willing to work for it.  It all goes back to leading a goal oriented lifestyle and letting it shine through us to the kids.  Since they were born they have been going to the gym, the exposure to goal hungry athletes and friends is a great way to witness the benefits of hard work.”

Her children collectively participate in YouThrive, a youth fitness class at The Compound.  Her son, Harper also plays soccer and her daughter, Blake is enrolled at Northeast Texas Elite Gymnastics.   Long is also a gymnastics and tumbling coach at NETEG, and started working there when she was only sixteen years-old.

(Photo by Chessa Helms)

Earlier this year I got to experience sort of a full circle moment sharing the gym floor with my daughter who is showing a lot of promise to one day be on the competition gymnastics team.  I love that I am able to coach a couple nights a week while I also balance the responsibilities of being a mother as well as running my own business.”

In January, Long opened her business, Custom Chalk, offering hand drawn typography and designs with chalk.

“2017 has just exceeded my expectations and it has been quite a ride as my small business took on a life of its own. I am very thankful to have the most amazing customers and the support of people who believed in me from the beginning.”

 Mother, coach, entrepreneur,  is there anything this woman can’t do?  You won’t find her boasting her accomplishments around town,  She’s too busy accomplishing things for that.

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