Guernsey Alumni Establish Endowed U of A Hope-Texarkana Scholarship


The Guernsey High School Alumni are pleased to announce that they have established an endowed scholarship at the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana.

The scholarship is for a Hempstead County student with the greatest unmet need among the applicants with a minimum 2.75 GPA. Although Guernsey Schools have consolidated with other local school districts, these alumni take pride in the education and comradely achieved at Guernsey Schools. They understand the value of an education and would like to help others achieve their educational goals with this scholarship.

Endowed scholarships at UACCH Foundation require a minimum donation of $10,000 and through the return on investment have the ability to provide a scholarship for many years.  With the affordable tuition at U of A Hope-Texarkana, these scholarships have a great economic impact on the out-of-pocket expense for a student to attend college. For over 70% of UAHT students, financial aid of some form is part of their covering the cost of a higher education.

Please help the UACCH Foundation share its appreciation to the Guernsey Alumni for this new endowed scholarships.  For a complete list of the endowed scholarships and to apply for a scholarship, visit the college website at

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