Heat It Up redefines fast-food with ready-made, healthy choices


Move over greasy cheeseburgers and high calorie French fries – a delectable, healthy meal prep business is bringing a healthy replacement to fast-food in Texarkana.

Since its grand opening in July, Heat It Up has taken Texarkana by storm and completely revolutionized the concept of fast-food by providing customers with wholesome, ready-made meals they just have to heat up.

Heat It Up is owned by Bryant and Whitni Allen who say the main goal of their new business is not only to provide healthy meals but on a larger scale, to help people embrace an overall healthy lifestyle.

“We want it to be convenient, like fast-food where you can just run through, grab it and eat it on the go. We want this healthy food to be just that easy,” explained owner, Whitni Allen. “But we also want to push portion control and show people that eating healthy can still taste good,” added Bryant Allen.

Located on 115 Main Street in Downtown Texarkana, Heat It Up prepares healthy microwavable meals which consist of protein, carbs and veggies. Each order prepared by these two local owners who perfect every meal just to be picked up by costumers.


This healthy, meal prep eatery is making it possible for locals with busy schedules to pre-order meals – saving them time in the kitchen while still allowing them to continue to make healthy choices no matter the time of day.

Whether enjoying turkey bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, Greek grilled chicken for lunch and beef tacos and black beans for dinner, customers can enjoy nutritious and delicious food wherever they are.

The menu changes every Thursday, bringing new and delicious meals every week. “A lot of the recipes is stuff that we just made at home for ourselves or we see things in cookbooks and we change it to be healthy,” explained owner, Whitni Allen.

Whitni and Bryant Allen want to help locals reach their fitness goals by providing healthy meals and eventually sell supplements, smoothies and even host meetings in which they inform the public on healthy eating tips and habits that have been successful in their lives.

“It would be great in the future to have meetings to talk to the public about things that have worked for us and essentially how we have achieved our fitness goals,” explained Bryant Allen.

Heat It Up opened its doors July 2016 and in a couple of months has already received outstanding feedback from the community. Heat It Up is currently preparing more than 800 meals a week.

“My husband and I just moved to Texarkana and I was so happy to find Heat it Up. We always prep our own food, but sometimes life gets busy or we are traveling and unable to. Heat it Up was just what we needed,” wrote a Heat It Up costumer.

The Allen’s are hard at work helping every customer enjoy an appetizing, healthy meal and stay on the right track to living a healthier lifestyle.

For more information or to order meals call (903) 949-6422 or visit Heat It Up.

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