Hempstead County man charged with fist fighting and aggravated assault

Alan Hansford Ray age 61 Ozan, Arkansas
Alan Hansford Ray age 61 Ozan, Arkansas

HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, Ark., — An argument over crossing onto another man’s property led two men to fist fighting and a gun being pulled at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 31, 2014.
Deputy Matthew Dunham was dispatched to Hempstead 1310 to make contact with James Wood who said Alan Ray pulled a gun his brother, Donald Wood, and himself.
According to Sheriff James Singleton, upon arrival in the 100 block of Hempstead 1310 Deputy Matthew Dunham made contact with James and Donald Wood. James Wood told Deputy Dunham that the incident occurred at Saint Luke’s Cemetery on Hempstead 314.
“James Wood stated that they were in the process of getting ready for deer season and said that they had to cross Alan Ray’s property to get to their deer camp. James Wood stated that he was sitting at the cemetery and Alan Ray showed up and started arguing with him about coming onto his land.
“James Wood stated that Alan Ray swung at him and hit him in the side of the face. James Wood stated that his brother, Donald Wood started running towards him and Alan Ray. James Wood stated that Alan Ray reached into his truck and pulled out a brown colored rifle and pointed it at them,” the sheriff said.
“James Wood stated that Alan pointed the gun at them and stated ‘I will kill you mother fuckers.’ James Wood stated that Alan Ray then got into his truck and left.”
Sgt. Dunham went to 478 Hempstead 44 and made contact with Ray. Ray said that he was riding down Hempstead 314 checking his property when he noticed James Wood at the Cemetery. Ray said he has been in a dispute with James Wood about them crossing each other’s property and that he stopped at the cemetery to speak with James Wood about the dispute. Ray said James Wood started getting upset, the sheriff said.
Ray also stated that James Wood told him to get out of the truck and “they would settle the problem,” the sheriff said.
“Ray stated that when he stepped out of his truck James Wood balled up his fist and reared back like he was going to hit him. Alan Ray stated that he then hit James Wood to keep James from hitting him. Alan Ray told deputies he observed Donald Wood running towards him. Alan said that Donald Wood was reaching into his pocket as he was running towards him. Alan told the deputies that he feared for his life so he reached into his truck and grabbed his rifle,” Sheriff Singleton said.
Ray said he never pointed the gun at anyone but that when he grabbed the gun Donald Wood stopped and pulled a cell phone out of his pocket. Ray then got into his truck and left, the sheriff said.
Deputies ultimately retrieved a Ruger .22 hornet rifle from Ray’s truck.
Investigators presented an affidavit for the arrest of Ray for Aggravated Assault to Circuit Judge Randy Wright on Tuesday September 2, 2014. Ray surrendered to Hempstead County Investigators at approximately 1 p.m. Wednesday Sept. 3, 2014.
Ray was booked on one count of Aggravated Assault and taken before Circuit Judge Duncan Culpepper for his first appearance and released on his own recognizance with a circuit court date of Oct. 6, 2014.

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