iJump ninja trampoline park opens Friday


Timing couldn’t be more perfect for the opening of iJump! This summer, bring your family to Texarkana’s premiere ninja trampoline park where you can find activities for all ages.

The 25,000 square foot, 400 occupancy facility features:

  • Two Trampoline Dodgeball Courts for Dodgeball Tournaments
  • Two Trampoline Basketball iDunk Lanes
  • East Texas’ ONLY true Ninja Course, iNinja, with three skill levels
  • 3-D Freestyle Trampolines interconnected to bounce from mat to mat or even bounce off the walls
  • One-of-a-kind Air Bag
  • Twin super-size trampolines measuring 100’ long x 20’ wide
  • Three Trampoline Half-Pipes for fun tricks
  • State of the Art LED Lighting and Sound System
  • Large Family Area
  • Parent Lounge and Mezzanine with Free WiFi
  • Private rooms for birthday parties and meetings
  • Full-Service iCafe featuring Popcorn, Ice Cream, Candy, and Drinks

Owners Glen Bingham, Jared Guthrey, and Cody Ferguson go above and beyond to ensure every detail is the best it could be. Bingham wanted to emphasize that his partners wanted to maintain this edgy and modern atmosphere.

The trio has been working on this venture since June 2016 and they aimed to provide state-of-the-art products that are unique to the region. This is the only facility with a light rock climbing wall within a 2 hour radius.

“Our vision on this was to find a location that was family friendly, but also for adults. Meaning they could drop the kids off , they could go to Coldstone Creamery, or a chain restaurant, retail store, or the best theatre in town. We felt like you could bring an 8, 9 ,10, 12 year old and drop their kids off while the parents never have to leave the center.”

Every corner is top quality features, like the snack bar with treats and drinks or the massage chairs in the sitting area. Bingham continued, “we have 70′ big screens in the front and back and most importantly safe and clean. We stand first for safety and service second.”

Bingham even went so far as to ask the job applicants if they enjoyed cleaning.

“The big message is the fact that we are more than a trampoline place. we want to offer a lot for the children to do . our vision is this: we want to be a multifunction facility. Once you get tired of jumping, you can go to the climbing wall.”

iJump had the windows tinted so the lights can be on for extended periods of time. “From 8-10 its prime time. light show on , lights off. Friday night is date night, from 7-9 , you can drop off 2 children for $30 !”

Visit them starting May 12, 2017 at: 4212 St. Michael Drive in Texarkana, Texas or call: 903-705-1230

iJump will have events regularly with special pricing. More information coming soon to their Website and Facebook


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