Juveniles Arrested For Recent Vehicle Thefts and Burglaries


Three juveniles have been arrested in connection to several recent vehicle thefts and burglaries.

Texarkana Texas Police Department officers arrested three juveniles and expect at least one additional arrest in the near future.

According to TTPD, the teenage boys are believed have been responsible for the recent upsurge in vehicle burglaries and thefts that had occurred primarily in the Spring Lake Park area.

The arrests of the juveniles, who are ages 15 and 16, have cleared at least thirteen cases that have been reported over the last two months.

TTPD reports a total of 39 arrest warrants have been issued for the four juveniles.

According to authorities, eight vehicles that were reported stolen have been recovered.

Detective Tabitha Colley explained, “The juveniles used those stolen vehicles to drive around at night looking for neighborhoods that had several cars on the street or in driveway. They would get out and start checking car door handles. They would steal anything of value from unlocked vehicles that they found. If the keys had been left inside the car, they stole it too and would drive it until it ran out of gas before abandoning it.”

TTPD Detective James Dean reminds citizens to always lock their doors, take the keys, and remove anything of value in order to avoid becoming a victim of a burglary or car theft.

“In this case, the juveniles told us that they would just move on to the next vehicle if the car door was locked when they tried it. The only reason that a particular car was broken into was that it was an easy target. It sounds almost too simple, but the single most effective thing that you can do to protect your property is to lock it up,” said Detective James Dean.

The juveniles are currently being held in area juvenile detention centers.

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