KSLE News 33, Using Euphemisms to Raise Spirits

Anthony Craig Jackson, creator of KSLE News 33, stocks up on Walmart gift cards. (Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Craig Jackson, mastermind behind the controversial and comedic KSLE News 33, has found a way to connect the community with humor, wit and relevant events through the digital platform of Facebook.  Videos, photos, and posts from Jackson escalated in attention after only 4 years of creation.

Jackson grew up in Texarkana, the Beverly and Rosehill areas, and previously worked in the prison system.  His videos initially served as an escape from the negativity he was exposed to, wanting to find something to alleviate the stress from his profession.  That work experience taught him to never take his family or life for granted.

“I always say the only reason I didn’t go down the wrong road was due to great parenting from my parents. I grew up with 3 brothers and a sister, so we all kind of looked after each other and made sure each other were straight.”

As a child, Jackson was drawn to attention and loved telling jokes.  Although he never owned a camera, smartphones allowed him to discover his hidden talent for employing euphemisms and appealing to the community.  He is an insider, after all, and knows the area and its quirks better than most.

 Now he works for ORR Chevy and has expanded on the scope of the content on KSLE News 33.  Some familiar characters or skits include Leroy Family Christmas, Local Chief “meteorologist,” and other acts that Jackson creates.

Recently, KSLE News 33 teamed up with ORR Chevy to pass out $50 Walmart gift cards to unsuspecting citizens.  During Christmas, Jackson and his friends, Justin Matlock and Curt Richardson, visited Reggie’s Burgers, Walmart, and other local businesses to asks guests to spin a wheel for various prizes.  Now, other businesses and creatives have teamed up with Jackson to expand their reach and impact.

“I broke down and cried one time after giving away bikes in New Boston, Texas, explained Jackson. “You can ask my wife, she’ll vouch for me.”

A man messaged Jackson and explained how much the $50 gift card meant to his family, that they had experienced the loss of a family member and were going through very difficult times.  These gift cards, and most recently even free bikes, are making the holidays for so many children and families in the Texarkana region brighter.

Jackson doesn’t plan on stopping his hard work anytime soon, always looking forward to the holiday season so he can indulge in the season to give.


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