TXK Today is partnering with Arkansas 911 News out of Hot Springs, Arkansas to help them with their web & marketing side. Wasn’t planning on annoucing this until we launched the new website but he just posted a story that just couldn’t wait.

Yesterday there was a fatal motorcycle crash in Garland County that Arkansas 911 reported on.


The rest is from Arkansas 911 News Facebook

I snapped this shot today of first responders working a crash on north pearcy road. in the pic, you can see a lady in red pants tending to a child that was in the vehicle when it overturned.

this lady in the red pants is 70WEST Firefighter Paula Muncrief Ford. she always says “hi” and tells me what’s coming and where to stand; so i can stay out of trouble on 70WEST FD scenes.


yesterday, there was a fatal motorcycle crash on JACK MOUNTAIN ROAD. Arkansas 911 News did not cover that crash – we try, but cannot catch everything.

the driver of that motorcycle was her son. we are DEEPLY saddened that a 911 hero lost a loved one on the highway.

i heard this terrible news as i was leaving the scene of this crash today.

she went through the tragic loss of her son yesterday and she is responding to crashes today. THIS is the type of people that work 911 in garland county. This is who’s coming to help you when you hear the sirens.

please pray for her and her family/friends.

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