Larry’s Pizza moves to new location


Pizza lovers, do not fret. Larry’s Pizza offers same delicious pizza, only in a new location.

Larry’s Pizza will open the doors to their new location on 3402 St. Michael Drive in Texarkana, Texas Tuesday Feb. 2nd.

This pizzeria is one of 33 Larry’s Pizza locations which are spread out in the Natural State of Arkansas. Every location offers hot and mouthwatering pizza to anyone who sets foot in their inviting establishments.

Larry’s Pizza is owned by Michael Stokes and wife, Deborah Stokes, of Prescott, Arkansas. The Stokes moved to Texarkana two years ago and have been running Larry’s Pizza on Moore’s Lane, ever since.

After two successful years at the Moore’s Lane location, the Stokes decided to relocate to a busier spot which allows their restaurant to be seen by anyone traveling on Interstate 30 – thus inviting more people to enjoy their fresh pizza.

Michael Stokes explained this is a “great and busy location and [they] had to seize the opportunity.”

This new location also accommodates a larger volume of costumers while also employing more staff. According to Stokes, the staff has been “tripled or quadrupled” with the move to this new venue.

Upon entering the restaurant, one can expect to be greeted by a host and taken to table at which the customers can order a specialty pizza of their choice, visit the buffet or wait for the “runners” to make their way around the dining room with multiple pizzas, from which the customer can choose. Stokes called this the “lazy man’s buffet” better known as pizza parade.

Larry’s Pizza offers an extensive menu which includes, specialty pizza, wings, and salads.

One can not only delight in Larry’s Pizza inside the fours walls of their establishment but Larry’s also delivers and caters, so no matter when you are, the pizza can come to you. Stokes went on to say “Larry’s Pizza caters to the costumer.”

Meat Madness Pizza
Meat Madness Pizza

Stokes also shared some of the crowd’s favorite pizzas which are the Loaded Baked Potato Pizza and the Meat Madness, and their menu describes why, stating “we really go all out with this one!”

Larry’s Pizza is open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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