Live Afternoon-Drive Sports Talk Radio Returns


Leaving the Yard with Zach and The Professor has found a new home at 107.1 FM and 740 AM, KTFS. They can be heard from 5 to 6 p.m. every weekday starting this afternoon.

The gentleman will be offering their perspective on all things relating to sports in the area, and listeners should feel free to interact with Zach and The Professor by calling-in live on the air.

Zach brings 35 years of radio experience to the broadcast and his side-kick The Professor, in addition to his 16 years in broadcasting, is known as the “looks” of the duo.

Both sportscasters are genuinely excited to be returning to the dial position made famous by local broadcasting legend Al Hanna.

“He is the standard bearer of sports radio in Texarkana,” the guys went on to say that they had the privileged opportunity to be on the air with Mr. Hanna in the early 2000s, and “just being able to be on the same station that Al Hanna did sports in this market for a half-century is cool for us.”

When asked about the future of sports in Texarkana, both are eagerly awaiting the addition of Texarkana A&M’s basketball team. They say that it will promote basketball at all levels in the community and attract “positive attention to the TAMUT campus and gym.”

It is not without some lamentation that the hosts arrive at their new frequency. Zach and The Professor are sad to be no longer affiliation with Pleasant Grove games after 18 years of live sportscasting. Both wish the very best P.G.and hope the broadcasts are left in able hands.

Of course, most of us know KTFS as a moderate-consertive talk radio station. Can we expect more political talk from the guys? Only if politics presents itself in the realm of sport, Zach said.

If you miss the live weekday broadcast on KTFS from 5 to 6, you can still hear the show. Check out for podcast info.

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