Local Family Named Top 10 in Competition to Win New Car

Jace Hendrickson (Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Jace Hendrickson, Fouke, Arkansas, was born 3 months premature at University of Arkansas Medical School Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas, weighing 1 lb 9 ounces. He was diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia, dwarfism, chronic lung disease, Russell Silver syndrome, and possible learning disabilities.  He and his mother, Briana Orgeron have traversed many obstacles these last 4 and-a-half years and are hoping Texarkana can assist them in their next goal: winning a vehicle.

ORR Nissan is giving away a 2010 Honda Civic to a deserving family of their choice, with individuals submitting as far away as the United Kingdom with hopes to win. The top 10 have been announced and voting is now open for 48 hours on Facebook, closing at 10:00 AM on February 28, 2018.


Neighbor and family friend, Brandon Bell, wrote to Nissan submitting Hendrickson and Orgeron to the competition.


“There is a nice woman that lives behind me…Her fiance has struggled to secure full-time work and they are having constant mechanical issues with their car…Her fiance recently got a new job, but needs a reliable vehicle to get back and forth to work…”


Bell went on to explain the scope of their difficult situation, from the financial and emotional stress, to the physical disabilities Hendrickson was born with and battles daily.


Two years ago, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, Orgeron purchased a mobile home and was in the process of remodeling when the residence caught fire overnight.  Now, they’ve acquired another mobile home and are working towards making improvements while trying to manage hospital bills in addition to their regular expenses.


Orgeron works a part-time job at Texarkana Water Utilities, thankfully with an accommodating schedule, to support the family. Hendrickson requires multiple hospitalizations yearly due to unexpected illnesses and regular MRIs every 6 months to observe the state of his spinal cord.


Due to retracted breathing, Hendrickson has to use oxygen masks and breathing treatments, sometimes relying on a special vest to help loosen mucus in the lungs to hopefully prevent spending months in ICU with pneumonia.


At age 4, Hendrickson attends school in Fouke, Arkansas, when he is well enough.  Previously, he was enrolled at Opportunities from 2-3 years of age. Their family is thankful for the resources in Texarkana and support they have received throughout the years from the community.


Barbara Ramsey, “Meme,” to Hendrickson and mother to Orgeron, explains how Hendrickson lives life to the fullest, enjoying feeding horses, riding golf carts, and knowing no strangers.

Despite his compromised immune system and current bout of pneumonia, his adventurous personality and innate curiosity are contagious.


Ramsey explains, “He is rarely shy.”


Hendrickson warms hearts of unsuspecting friends with a smile, hoping to secure a new “partner in crime.”

To vote for Hendrickson and Orgeron, CLICK HERE.


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