Local Water Companies Warn Customers About Rising Bills


After a rise in power costs across the US was seen impacting Texarkana last week, local water companies are notifying customers that starting on their most recent November bill, the cost of supplies have forced them to raise water bills for the first time in years. With the continued rise in supply costs, water and power companies are among a long list of increased bills rising across the country. While prices may continue to rise for other utilities, companies are notifying customers of changes on their websites. To ensure you have a complete understanding of your bill increases, it is essential you go to your utilities website, or call customer service to understand and check their change in policy and billing.

For customers of Macedonia-Eylau Water Utilities, the increase in price was made public on their website. The website said, “Water Rate Increase: You will notice a slight water rate increase starting on the bills that will be mailed Wednesday, November 24. We do apologize, but this is necessary to cover the ever increasing cost of materials. This is the first rate increase since 2013. The new rate structure is listed below. The following changes have been made: 1) The minimum monthly charge increased by $2.00, 2) The per thousand gallon charge increased by $0.25, 3) The sewer rates were updated to the same rate structure as the water rates.”

The change in price is reflected in the most recent bill, and it is essential customers are taking close note of the changes to accommodate savings for future utility bills. To see how you are impacted by the rising costs of utilities call your utility company and double check your bills for any changes.

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