Louisiana’s rich flavor coming soon to Texarkana


If you’ve become accustomed to buying meat neatly stacked in a Styrofoam tray, from a frozen aisle at the supermarket, you’ll be in for a treat when visiting Lagniappe Specialty Meats, coming soon to Texarkana.

The name of this new meat market, says it all; lagniappe, a french word meaning “a little something extra,” and according to Ted Campbell, that is exactly what Texarkana can expect from this new establishment.

Lagniappe is owned by Bobby Duhon and Ellis Taylor of Louisiana, who dreamed of opening a meat market for years. Finally, six months ago they contacted Ted Campbell who has lived in Miller County since 1989, to assist in making this idea a reality.

Campbell, a retired crop-duster, explained the uniqueness of Lagniappe and what it will bring to Texarkana. “It’s a very unique place. We process beef, pork, and chicken,” explained Campbell. “We debone the chicken, and I mean every bone is gone, and then we stuff it with things like crawfish étouffée, some with vegetables, some with ground meat.”

Lagniappe Specialty Meats is not part of a franchise, though these meat markets are highly popular in South Louisiana, Lagniappe operates separately. Lagniappe is located on 4012 Jefferson Avenue and will be opening their doors to the public in roughly eight weeks. “The location doesn’t have much to do with it, there’s people I know that drive to South Louisiana to get 30 stuffed chickens,” explained Campbell.

Now, Texarkanians will have easy access to delicious meats right here in their home town. “People can buy their meat cooked, or raw and they don’t even have to come inside, they can come to the drive-thru,” said Campbell. “Texarkana needed something like this and soon we will be opening a location on the Texas side, it will be almost a necessity.”

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