Magnolia, Ark. wins $395,760 Grant to Finish Fredrick Street sidewalk


The City of Magnolia, Ark. was awarded $395,760 for the completion of a project to build a sidewalk along Fredrick Street from East Side Elementary School to Calhoun Road. The grant was among $20 million announced by the Arkansas State Highway Commission to successful applicants for Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP), Safe Routes to School (SRTS) and Recreational Trails Program (RTP) funding.

The City of Magnolia applied in 2011 for and received a $199,000 grant to improve the sidewalk along North Fredrick. The project was completed in 2014 to a point just south of East Main Street.

Mayor Parnell Vann applied for additional money to continue the sidewalk along South Fredrick to Calhoun. Vann said that 107 of 180 applicants received funding. Magnolia was in the top 15 of total money awarded and in the top 5 of money awarded for a sidewalk project.

A.L. Franks Engineering will be the engineering firm to oversee this project, which will begin as soon as the project is released from the Arkansas State Highway Commission.

“These sidewalks will improve the safety of our citizens as well as improve the quality of life and beautification of the city,” said Mayor Vann. “I will continue to look for grants and other funding opportunities to help improve and move Magnolia forward.”

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