Man accused of selling grenade, machine gun, indicted by federal grand jury

Lomax being helped on to stretcher shortly after wrecking out during pursuit (photo by Field Walsh | TXK Today)

A Texarkana man accused of selling a grenade and a machine gun to a law enforcement source in March is accused of six felonies in a federal indictment.

Skip Earnest Ralph Lomax, 31, was arrested in the late afternoon of March 24 after a short but high speed chase that ended when Lomax flipped his pickup on Arkansas Blvd. Members of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives recently identified the explosive as a “dead man’s” grenade because it will explode as soon as the pin is removed without a delay. The machine gun was test fired and found to be fully functional.

A federal grand jury in the Texarkana Division of the Western District of Arkansas handed down an indictment May 11 which charges him with drugs and weapons offenses. Count one accuses Lomax of selling methamphetamine Jan. 18 while count two alleges Lomax sold meth Jan. 22.


Count three of the indictment concerns a large cache of guns found in Lomax’s truck March 24. As a convicted felon, Lomax is prohibited from possessing a firearm. The guns listed in count three include: a Ruger model .380, a Colt Police Positive .32 caliber revolver, a Ruger .38 special, and a Taurus Millennium PT140 G2 .40 caliber handgun.

Count four of Lomax’s indictment accuses him of possessing a CZ model 25 sub machine gun not registered by him in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record system as federal law requires. Count five alleges possession of an unregistered MKII style fragmentation grenade with a M201A1 fuse assembly. The final count of the indictment alleges Lomax possessed a Taurus .22LR revolver with an obliterated serial number.

Lomax is scheduled to appear in court May 27 for arraignment before U.S. Magistrate Judge Barry Bryant.

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