Men With Masks & Bullet Proof Vest Seen at E-Z Mart


The clerk at the E-Z Mart on East Street made an interesting call sunday afternoon. Around 1 P.M. the clerk reported to 911 that 4 males pulled into the parking lot and got out of 2 separate vehicles wearing bandanas over their faces and bullet proof vests. They stated that one of the passengers couldn’t get their door open so all of them returned to the cars and left.

Update from a comment left on TXKtoday

Let me set the story straight…the guys in the white Oldsmobile where waiting on the white Expedition for directions. Yes, they headed south on 71 to our house. They were wearing bandanas around their necks, not face. Yes, tactical vest not bullet proof. We had almost 30 kids playing airsoft today. They are really good kids. My son and I went to see the photos at EZmart and clarified the story. My husband also notified the police to let them know.

Audio of the radio call to officers

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