Mother of alleged victim in child sex abuse case tells jury she had sex with defendant


NEW BOSTON, Texas–The night before he allegedly raped her 12-year-old daughter, the defendant in a Bowie County sexual assault trial had consensual sex with her mother.

A jury of six men and six women listened as the mother of a now 15-year-old girl testified that she invited Brodrick Walker, 28, to her home the night of Dec. 15, 2011, for sex after her husband, with whom the mother had been arguing, left to sleep at his parent’s. The mother said Walker stayed to play video games with her son and another young adult male after she and Walker finished in her bedroom.

The alleged victim testified that she was asleep in her dark room when Walker entered uninvited at approximately 6 a.m. Dec. 16, 2011. The girl said she was too terrified to call for help when Walker touched her and unzipped his pants, under direct examination by Assistant District Attorney Kelley Crisp.

The mother told the jury she left the house to pick up her husband and drop her son at school and received a text message from Walker about a missing $20 dollar bill he wanted to return to her New Boston home to find. The mother said she and her husband were curious when Walker found the money on the floor of her daughter’s room.

Walker allegedly told police in 2012 he found the cash on the floor in a hallway, just outside the bathroom.

The alleged victim testified that she was paralyzed with fear during the attack and regrets not screaming for her mother, whose bedroom door was just a few feet from her own. The girl said she did not know Walker’s name at the time and that he threatened her with bodily harm if she told.

But when the girl’s mother came home the morning of the alleged attack, the girl, who had taken a bath, made an outcry of sexual assault. The mother called police and took her daughter to a local emergency room.

Dr. Matthew Young, an emergency room physician at St. Michael’s Hospital in Texarkana, Texas, said he found no injuries on the girl’s body but that such is common in such cases. Young said his hospital notes described the girl as “quiet and appropriate.”

Chief Public Defender Rick Shumaker hammered retired New Boston police Detective John Morphew about a statement he typed up following an interview with Walker in March 2012. Shumaker implied that Morphew forged Walker’s signature on a statement in which he allegedly admits to touching the girl.

A Texas Department of Public Safety DNA analyst who testified under questioning from Assistant District Attorney Lauren Richards told the jury Walker is the likely source of DNA found on the girl’s panties but could not say the DNA came from sperm or semen. Shumaker questioned whether the DNA could have been transferred to the girl’s clothing if she sat on a love seat Walker sat on while playing video games the night before the morning of the alleged assault.

The state and defense rested their cases mid-afternoon Wednesday, prompting 102nd District Judge Bobby Lockhart to release the jury with instructions to return to the Bowie County courthouse Thursday morning for closing arguments.

Walker is charge with two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child which are punishable by five to 99 years or life in prison.

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