Mother saves child from hijacked vehicle


A mother did not go down without a fight after seeing her vehicle with her 3-year-old child inside being hijacked by an unknown man. According to police records the mother went inside a convenience store briefly to make a purchase leaving her car parked outside in the store parking lot, with her child inside.

According to the victim, as she was exiting the Valero gas station on Summerhill Rd., she observed a male getting into her 2010 Dodge Caliber. This is when she went into action and as the hijacker backed the vehicle up across the parking lot, she ran after it.

This determined mother managed to get to the rear passenger door, opening it and began pleading with the man to let her get her three year old daughter out of the back seat. Her pleads were heard and the hijacker stopped long enough for her to retrieve her child, though still continuing to yell at her, urging her to hurry up and threatening to kill her and her three-year old child. The hijacker told her he had a gun in his possession.

Moments later the woman was able to get the child out of the vehicle, after which the hijacker fled southbound on the northbound turn around lane over Interstate 30.

Authorities were dispatched to an auto theft at a convenience store in the 5100 block of Summerhill at 3:18 yesterday afternoon and according to officials, DPS stopped the vehicle in Titus County later and arrested the man.

There is no further information on the arrest at this time.

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