New Smart911 program helps emergency services respond faster


On September 3, 2015, the 911 Center that serves Texarkana, Arkansas, Texarkana, Texas and most of Bowie County, Texas began using Smart 911 as an additional resource for emergency call response.

Smart 911, developed by RAVE Mobile Safety, is a program that gives detailed critical caller information to the call-taker when a registered phone dials 911 in and emergency. This information helps 911 call-takers make faster, better decisions, shortens response time and helps save property and lives.

Citizens may sign up for Smart 911 and enter information they want 911 to receive in case of an emergency. This information can include family member data, photos, medical conditions, disabilities, mobility limitations, residence and work location information and even information about pets. This data is linked directly to the phone number(s) a user registers and is displayed to the call-taker automatically when that phone dials 911 and helps the police, fire or EMS locate and respond to emergencies faster.

Facilities and businesses may also create profiles in Smart 911 to provide 911 call-takers with additional response information as well.

In other jurisdictions, Smart 911 has helped locate unresponsive citizens who were only able to dial 911 but not provide location information, determine the location of a caller who could not speak to the call-taker because she was hiding in her house from a burglar, and find a caller having a heart attack in his vehicle on the side of the road by having access to a description of his vehicle and his home and work locations.

Every citizen, particularly, any citizen with disabilities, service animals, mobility issues, serious medical conditions, difficulties in communication or other factors that may keep them from communicating with 911 should create a smart 911 profile today. Smart 911 helps 911 help you in an emergency!

To create your Smart 911 profile, from your computer or smartphone navigate to

All information you provide in your profile is completely confidential and can only be accessed when your registered phone dials 911.

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