North Heights evacuated after second bomb threat

Students evacuating the school Thursday morning (photo by Field Walsh)

North Heights Junior High School has been evacuated after receiving a second bomb threat Thursday morning.

According to Texarkana, Ark. Police, 9-1-1 received a call again this morning warning that a bomb would go off in the school today.

Police say it is the same caller that made threats Wednesday evening.

All students have been evacuated to Ed Worrell Memorial Park next door to the school.

Police continue to investigate. Texarkana, Ark. School District has not yet responded to a request for comment.


This morning 911 dispatch received a call stating that there was a bomb on the North Heights Junior High campus. Staff and students immediately evacuated the building. The building was secured and a “sweep” of the building was conducted by the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department and campus administrators – no explosives were present.
Audio indicates that the person who placed the call to dispatch is a juvenile. School officials are working closely with the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department to identify the caller. North Heights Junior High was scheduled to conduct an active intruder drill today and believes the caller used this information as an opportunity to place the prank call.

Due to the nature of the incident and the disruption of the school day, district administrators will work with the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department and charges will be brought against the juvenile.

Parents were contacted regarding the bomb threat after the building was cleared and staff and students returned to class. The school did conduct their scheduled intruder drill.

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