Online crime mapping service now available to citizens


The Texarkana Texas Police Department has taken a progressive approach to transparency by making current crime data available to the public.  Any resident with internet access can now easily map out and analyze recent criminal activity in their neighborhood.  The fifteen crime types available are among those most requested by the public and include such reported incidents as robbery, burglary, theft, and assault.  With a rolling 180 days of incident information available, simple reports and charts which help depict current trends can easily be accessed.

Residents can also register online to receive free crime alert emails whenever new criminal activity occurs in their area.  Users can choose the distance as well as the specific crimes of which they wish to be notified.  A single user can register multiple times in order to learn about activity occurring near their home, place of business, or their child’s school.

Chief Dan Shiner said, “Reducing crime requires a cooperative effort between the police and the community.  The police department will never be successful trying to do it alone.  This system provides an excellent means to keep our community informed about what’s happening in our neighborhoods and what the problems are.”

The crime mapping system can be accessed at the Texarkana Texas Police Department’s website,

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