Outstanding Students Awarded at UofA Hope-Texarkana Student Government Association Banquet


The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana recognized outstanding students from each program yesterday at the Annual Student Government Association Awards Banquet.

Students honored included:

Art Appreciation

Recognized: Byron Woodley, Beth Formby

Outstanding: Macie Martin

Studio Art

Recognized: Melissa Rodriguez, TA Dre’ Muldrow, Ernesto Delarosa

Outstanding: Elizabeth Loe

College Life Skills

Recognized: Justice Tewell

Outstanding: Kaylan McWilliams

Academic Skills

Recognized: Jessica Ridgell, Sarah Porier

Outstanding: Jennifer Golden

Freshman English 

Recognized: Kaleigh Murray, Britney Kerner, Kelsey Ledbetter

Outstanding: Mario Valdez

Sophomore English

Outstanding: Dallas Crumley

Music Appreciation

Outstanding: Katie Shupe


Outstanding: Chris Hanson


Recognized: Richard Ware, Mika Brown

Outstanding: Nathan Foster


Outstanding: Tayla Hosey

Funeral Services

Recognized: Brieanna Vinson, Lionel Noel

Outstanding: Dakota Bloyd


Recognized: Katie Shupe, Clayton Shepherd

Outstanding: Desiree Johnson

Licensed Practical Nursing – Hope Campus

Recognized: Samantha McBride, Kametra Augustus

Outstanding: April Spellman

Licensed Practical Nursing – Texarkana Campus

Outstanding: Carmen Castro

Emergency Medical Technician – Hope Campus

Outstanding: Josh Rodriguez

Emergency Medical Technician – Texarkana Campus

Outstanding: Logan Hostetler


Outstanding: Luke Loe


Outstanding: Hannah Kincheloe

Information Technology

Outstanding: Jennifer Northcutt


Outstanding: Andrew Padgett

Supply Chain Management

Outstanding: Michael Mckinnon


Outstanding: Tenisha Willis

History – Hope Campus

Recognized: Dallas Crumley, Myquasha Johnson

Outstanding: Scott Bittle

History – Texarkana Campus

Recognized: Jacob Knotts, Kelsie Sanders

Outstanding: Derek Dwyer

Social Sciences – Hope Campus

Recognized: Damaris Juarez

Outstanding: Adrienne Golden

Social Sciences – Texarkana Campus

Outstanding: Madeline Harris


Outstanding: Karmen Bryant


Outstanding: Taylor Bruce

Industrial Maintenance

Outstanding: Taylor Bruce

Diesel Technology

Recognized: Christopher Jones

Outstanding: Garrett Robertson

Concurrent Credit

Outstanding: Hannah Barry

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