Pink Behind The Thin Blue Line: Women supporting local law enforcement and the community


A group that began as an idea to offer support and friendship to officers’ families, as well as raise funds for a scholarship that would honor the memory of a Texarkana Texas Police Officer who was killed in 2013 in the line of duty, has progressed into a significant and committed non-profit organization whose main goal is to provide support to local law enforcement officers, their families and ultimately, to offer a helping hand to the entire community of Texarkana.

“If we see a need in the community, we do what we can to help. We will be anywhere in the city where our hands and our feet are needed,” said Christy Pettit, VP of Pink Behind The Thin Blue Line.



This non-profit organization assists the community in numerous ways, such as; purchasing lunch for a local church who was participating in community service, buying pencils for children starting back to school, buying gas cans for police officers to help an individual who has run out of gas or participating in community service efforts around town. Pink Behind the Thin Blue Line is always in search of ways they can contribute to the betterment of the community of Texarkana and supporting those officers who work earnestly to keep Texarkana safe.

“If any officer sees a problem in the community, we want them to come to us and let us know how we can help. We’ve had an officer who found a child whose bicycle had been lost and then found dismantled and he came to us, and we were able to provide a new bicycle,” explained Vice President Pettit. “We act as a support system for them and we help them make a change in the community and help fulfill needs that they don’t have the financing for,” she added.

“We are so fortunate in Texarkana to have some amazing officers,” said Pettit, “our guys truly go out there with a servant’s heart.”

Pink Behind The Blue Line currently has 50 active members, all women with ties to law enforcement. These strong and determined women- wives, mothers, and sisters strive every day to make a positive impact in the community, and to make a change by actively recruiting helping hands and funds in order to be able to help any situation or any family in the community in need of assistance.


“Just recently Pink Behind the Thin Blue Line provided gas cans to our Miller County ASP and Bowie County DPS officers. These cans which have a five dollar bill attached will be able to assist stranded motorists and save them the costly expense of having to call a tow truck,” explained Christy Pettit.

Pink Behind The Blue Line is a non-profit organization who benefits from donations made by community members. These donations allow the organization and its members to continue their community service efforts and be able to provide the help to officers and citizens of Texarkana. If you are interested in donating to this organization visit Pink Behind The Thin Blue Line .

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