Pinkalicious: The Musical Tickles Patrons Pink

A View of the show. Pinkalicious is excited about waking up pink. (Photo by Susannah Linnett | TXK Today)

What happens when you eat nothing but pink sweets?  Have you ever wondered?  Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council (TRAHC) gave patrons the opportunity to find out Saturday, November 4 with the two performances of Pinkalicious: The Musical at 11am and 2pm at the Perot Theatre in downtown Texarkana.

Pinkalicious: The Musical, which travels around the country to different venues, is based on the popular story books written and illustrated by Victoria Kann.  The musical focuses on the first book of the series and focues on a little girl named Pinkalicious Pinkerton.  She is a lively little girl who loves sweets, especially pink sweets.  That’s what gets her into trouble.  She eats so many sweets that she comes down with Pinkatitous and turns pink from hair to foot.  The only way to combat the illness is to eat her greens which is her least favorite thing.  Songs included “Pinkatitous”, “The Pink Blues”, and “Chew, Chew your greens”.

A View of the show. Pinkalicious is sad because her mother wouldn’t allow her to have any more cupcakes.
(Photo by Susannah Linnett | TXK Today)

The play was geared toward the younger patron and they were encouraged to come dressed in their best pink attire.  Many times during the show, the actors asked for help from the audience which were answered with happy young chatter.

At the conclusion of the show, Women for the Arts, hosted a lovely tea party at the Regional Arts Building for those patrons who wished to participate.  “The tea party is a fun thing to do with this show,” Robin Proctor, member of WFA said. “The travel show suggested we do it.  But I don’t think other places go all out like WFA does.  We really had fun with it.”

WFA members, Judy Jones, Lynn Whitt, Mary Jane Orr, Brian Goesl, Robin Proctor and DeAnna Craytor, pose for a picture before the tea party fun begins. WFA sponsored the party for patrons who attended the play.
(Photo by Susannah Linnett | TXK Today)

Party-goers were treated to the Cabe Hall decked out in pink, a storybook and/or pin signed by the cast of the musical, photo opportunity with the cast, refreshments of every sort, all pink.  And of course, tea.

Party goers were treated to fun decorations and food
(Photo by Susannah Linnett | TXK Today)

Cherish Elliot attended the 2pm performance of Pinkalicious and while at the tea party she said, “I loved Pinkalicious.  My favorite part was when she stole the cupcakes off the fridge.”

Look for more opportunities to see performances at the Perot Theatre in downtown Texarkana.  Visit their website at or  Tickets for other shows can be purchased in person at the box office or by phone, too.  Call 903-792-4992 for more information.

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