Pleasant Grove High School Journalism Department Earns Top Awards in Best in Texas Competition


Pleasant Grove High School journalism students won 27 of the top awards in the Texas Association of Journalism Educators (TAJE) Best in Texas competition announced this weekend. The journalism department received five Superior, 11 Excellent and 11 Honorable Mention awards for their print newspaper writing and design work. In addition, two students received “Best of the Best” recognition. Cadence Pov and Gillian Knowles placed fourth in Objective Writing, and Cadence Pov placed second in Newspaper Design. Class 1A-6A schools from Texas entered the competition. More information about this competition can be found at

Best in Texas
News Story:
Cadence Pov, Gillian Knowles – Superior
Delia Tuttlebee, Haylie Akin – Excellence

News Feature:
Nistha Neupane – Honorable Mention

In Depth News Package:
Alex Norton, Nistha Neupane – Honorable Mention

Sports Feature Story:
Sarah Johnson – Honorable Mention, Spencer Richardson – Honorable Mention

Entertainment Feature:
Delaynie Keeney – Excellent
Savannah Hoehn – Honorable Mention

Editorial Writing:
Delia Tuttlebee – Honorable Mention

Personal Column:
Emma Boehmke – Honorable Mention
Nistha Neupane – Honorable Mention

Editorial Cartoon:
Noah Rayburn – Excellent

Alex Norton – Honorable Mention

Delaynie Keeney, Delia Tuttlebee – Honorable Mention

Cover Design:
Alex Norton – Superior
Delaynie Keeney – Excellent

Newspage Design:
Cadence Pov, Gillian Knowles – Superior
Delia Tuttlebee – Superior
Gillian Knowles – Excellent

Editorial Page Design:
Delia Tuttlebee – Excellent

Feature Page Design:
Cadence Pov – Superior
Delaynie Keeney – Excellent
Delaynie Keeney – Excellent

Sports PageDesign:
Delia Tuttlebee – Excellent

Entertainment Page Design:
Cadence Pov – Honorable Mention

Photo Essay:
Delia Tuttlebee – Excellent
Double Truck Design:
Delaynie Keeney – Excellent

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