UPDATE: Police investigate ‘Hit List’ at Redwater High School


Redwater, TX – Police investigated after a “hit list” was discovered containing names of Redwater High School students as well as faculty.

Late Wednesday evening a “hit list” began circulating on popular social network Twitter, quickly going viral.

Though the list did not indicate any plans for violence, the name of the list was alarming for students, parents, faculty and authorities.

According to Superintendent Dr. Kathy Allen, “this was a list of 50 names of staff and students, following with the two authors’ descriptive opinion of those people,” she went on to say that the list “used very crude language and it was very hurtful [to students and staff] but it did not cause worry about any physical threat of violence to anyone mentioned on the list.”

Dr. Allen explained that the authors of the list have been identified and “there will be disciplinary action taken as a result of this.”

School policy is to advise the family of any student on the list, according to Allen, all parents of the students included on the list were notified on Wednesday when the list became public. According to a parent whose child was on the list, he was contacted by Redwater’s Principle Rhonda Roberts who informed him of the list.

Superintendent Dr. Kathy Allen also commented on the attendance of these students explaining that all of them attended school today and school is in session as normal.

According to Bowie County Sheriff James Prince, he was notified Wednesday evening and the case was assigned to an investigator.

The latest news on the story indicate that the authors responsible for the list have been identified and Superintendent Allen assures the public that “everything is under control and [they] are on top of it.”

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