Police warn of credit card skimmers on gas pumps in Texarkana area


According to Texarkana, Texas Police credit card skimmers have recently been found to be used on some gas pumps in the Texarkana area.

Skimmers are small devices installed  over the credit card reader to steal credit- and debit-card information from cards used at the pump.

Once you use the fake card reader, the suspects then easily clone your information onto fake cards, which are used at local businesses.

Police say typically, the skimmer is not left on the pump for long before it is moved to another location.

The only incidents police are aware of right now occurred last week, but they say there could be more incidents that haven’t been reported yet.

“Please take a few seconds to look at the card reader before you ise uour card at the pumps. If the card reader looks differently than the readers on the other pumps (larger, sticks out further, appears to have been tampered with), don’t use it. Find another pump. Notify the attendant so they can prevent anyone else from using the pumps until it’s been examined,” say Police.

Other cities have been reporting devices installed inside the pump that are not visible on the outside at all.  The small internal device can intercept your credit car information and send it to a thief wirelessly.  No reports of these in the Texarkana yet.

This may keep your information from being compromised.

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