Police warn of rising number of auto thefts in Texarkana


A rise in the amount of auto thefts taking place in Texarkana has TTPD on high alert. Police warns the public to protect their property by making sure keys are not left in the ignition and their vehicle is locked.

According to police, there have been 31 vehicles stolen in the last two months. “That’s a lot more than we typically see in Texarkana,” said TTPD.

According to police records there has been a 93 percent increase compared to the number of auto thefts in June/July of last year.

Police say most of these stolen vehicles are recovered after a few days and returned to their rightful owners, however, that is not always the case.

Police believe the number of vehicle thefts could be decreased if owners make sure to lock their cars and take the keys with them before leaving their car parked.

“For the most part, auto thefts are not at all like Hollywood portrays it in the movies. It is a crime of opportunity. We’ve all seen the recent videos on social media of people going car to car in the middle of the night trying the door handles. They typically pass on the ones that they can’t get into. They are looking for the easy target,” explained TTPD.

TTPD is urging the community of Texarkana to protect their property by taking the keys out of the ignition and locking their vehicle.

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