Pop Pop Shoppe is Popping Up Everywhere

Jackson Payne collects fresh popcorn in a bucket for a customer. (Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Patrick Thornton, owner of Pop Pop Shoppe, was eager to become an entrepreneur.  He attended the Acton School of Entrepreneurial Business, a 10-month accredited MBA program that provides immersive hands-on experiences for their students, with the intention of finding the right business and facilitate new grow.  

With his extensive background in Business, Thornton was able to harness that education and apply it in Texarkana, buying Pop Pop Shoppe from a friend’s family member and transforming the business into a very successful franchise that now has over 5 locations, some in Texarkana, Little Rock, and Conway, Arkansas. 

This year, the business is ranked in the top 10 in the nation among popcorn companies. The Shoppe is also the largest popcorn retailer in the state of Arkansas.

I compared it to local bakeries becoming these giant cupcake chains, like Smallcakes and others, said Thornton. “I thought there was no reason you couldn’t do the same with popcorn.”

Thornton set his plan into motion and bought the business in 2014, by the end of 2015, they had expanded to Richmond Road with their newer, prominent location.  The success of their expansion led to the opening of their third store, located in Little Rock, in 2016.  Their growth hasn’t slowed any, and Thornton doesn’t plan on stopping until the Pop Pop Shoppe is the best popcorn company in the world.

The Pop Pop Shoppe sells a variety of delicious, fun and unique flavors, like Hot Chocolate, Pecan if you Please, Red Hot Cinnamon and Pickles Pickles.  The flavors are matched by their eye-catching, colorful aesthetic.  

Developing a successful brand and product doesn’t come easy or alone.

“I’ve got some amazing people helping me, Thornton claims, “they do everything.”

You can purchase Pop Pop Shoppe popcorn online or at any of the following locations:

3642 Richmond Rd, Texarkana, TX 75503
*NEW*  4227 Jefferson Ave, Texarkana, Ar 71854

Little Rock
416 South University Ave, Suite 130
Little Rock, AR 72205

Little Rock
12800 Chenal Parkway
Suite 7
Little Rock, AR 72211

1040 S Amity Ste. G
Conway, AR 72032


Favorite Flavors

The entire range of flavors offered by Pop Pop Shoppe can be found here.

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