Ratcliffe attends republican debate supporting Cruz

via Rep. John Ratcliffe Facebook

Congressman John Ratcliffe was a select few Congressmen to be live in the spin room following the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas Tuesday night. He was spinning in support of Senator Ted Cruz.

“Tonight’s debate was another fantastic audition by the Republican Party to the American people,” Ratcliffe told TXK Today in a statement shortly after the debate ended. “The contrast between the Obama/Clinton strategy of leading from behind and what we saw on the stage could not be more vivid. Republicans have the winning ideas to reignite the promise of America, and I thought Ted Cruz was fantastic. Ted doesn’t leave you guessing what he stands for. He’s a man of principle, moral clarity, and conviction. He’s not afraid to take on the failed status quo of both parties, and as someone who frequently votes against House leadership, I have enormous respect for that.”

Current 2016 republican presidential nomination polls have Cruz in second place behind front-runner Donald Trump.

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