Regions Honors Lorie Norton with October Better Life Award


OCT. 8, 2014 | If you ask a successful person what helped them most on their way up the career ladder, they may tell you about one person who saw their potential and helped them reach it. For a number of Regions associates in Texarkana, Tex., that person is Lorie Norton. Norton is a Consumer Sales Manager (CSM) at Regions. Over her 20-plus year banking career, she’s been a teller, an investment associate, mortgage originator and a branch manager. So when she tells a budding associate she can relate to where they are now, they believe her.

This energetic go-getter is called an extreme coach for always helping others reach potential.

Norton’s colleagues call her an “extreme coach” for her knack for bringing out the best in her team of Regions’ 14 branches in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. She visits each of those branches at least once a week, often accompanies associates on sales calls, and conducts Regions At Work seminars herself — a rarity for a CSM.

Norton’s efforts have led to growth in the number of Regions account holders across her area. Her branches consistently score in the excellent range in performance and service quality.

Several community organizations also benefit from Norton’s leadership. She volunteers as a timer, photographer and event organizer for her son’s swim team. She leads her church human resources committee, and serves with Laces of Grace, a nonprofit group that gives shoes to underprivileged schoolchildren in Texarkana. Regions is donating $1,000 to Laces of Grace on her behalf.

Norton also leads parent volunteers for her son and daughter’s swim teams, leads her church human resources committee, and serves at the Harvest Texarkana Food Bank.

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