Rep. Ratcliffe votes to strengthen national defense and support military Protects jobs at the Red River Army Depot in Texarkana


Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) voted for the passage of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which boosts support for America’s military, enhances national defense capabilities and provides a 2.4 percent pay raise for U.S. service members.

The bill authorizes the $696 billion in funding necessary to restore adequate readiness for our armed forces, protect our homeland from rapidly evolving threats and provide our troops with the resources they need.

“Our country is continually faced with serious threats posed by radical Islamist extremism and burgeoning nuclear powers like North Korea. This means that providing our military with the best training and defense capabilities in the world isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. The safety of the American people and the stability of the free world depend on it,” Ratcliffe said.

“I’m very grateful for President Trump’s strong support for boosting our national security, as we advance our mutual goal of making America safe again.”

The 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) includes the following notable provisions:

· Increases pay for service members by 2.4 percent while extending special pay and bonuses
· Prevents Guantanamo Bay detainee transfers to the United States.
· Combats terrorism and radical Islamist extremists
· Increases the size of the Army, Navy Air Force, Army Guard and Reserve, Naval and Air Reserve, and Air Guard
· Strengthens support for Israel with funds for Israeli cooperative missile defense, including the Iron Dome
· Prioritizes cybersecurity, supporting defensive and offensive cyberspace strategies
· Declines to authorize an additional round of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC)

Ratcliffe also introduced an amendment (H.Amdt. 203) to the 2018 NDAA, which passed to exempt anyone employed at the Red River Army Depot in Texarkana from being jeopardized by any future hiring freeze that may be issued by the executive branch. His amendment will bolster job security for the more than 5,000 at the Depot who provide critical readiness capabilities to the U.S. Army.

“The Depot and its hard-working employees play a critical role in our national defense, and I’m committed to doing everything in my power to support its ongoing mission.”

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