Rep. VanDeaver Receives Top Conservative Endorsements for Legislative Victories Ahead of March 1st Primary Election in House District 1


New Boston, TX – During his time in office Rep. VanDeaver has prioritized making progress on protecting our borders, unborn babies, guns, elections, and schools. As a result of his work on these issues, Rep. VanDeaver is the only candidate in the race for State Representative to receive the endorsements of nearly every conservative organization in Texas.

In 2021, Rep. VanDeaver helped triple the state budget for border security to an all-time
historical high of $2.8 billion to help finish the border wall, increase law enforcement personnel, build detention centers, and fund security operations starting in 2022. The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT) and the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) endorsed him for these efforts and his “Back the Blue” record.

Rep. VanDeaver assisted the passage of the Heartbeat Act, banning abortions after a fetal
heartbeat is detected, and received the endorsements of the top pro-life organizations – Texas Alliance for Life and the Texans for Life Coalition. Rep. VanDeaver secured constitutional carry, which earned him the endorsement of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and an “A” rating as a pro-gun legislator. He has also been endorsed by the Associated Republicans of Texas (ART) and Governor Greg Abbott for his efforts to successfully pass the Election Integrity Act.

Rep. VanDeaver’s service to education didn’t stop with his 33-year career as an Ag teacher,
principal, and superintendent, but greatly expanded as one of the top pro-public education
legislators in state government. He helped pass historic school finance reforms, increase teacher salaries, protect and increase funding for rural and small schools, fortify CTE programming, and continues to advocate against high stakes standardized testing and the use of STAAR scores for teacher salaries or school accountability. His efforts have been rewarded by strong endorsements by both of the top teacher organizations, the Texas State Teacher Association (TSTA) and the Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE).

Rep. VanDeaver issued the following statement regarding these endorsements:

“Northeast Texans care about much more than themselves, they care about their families, their schools, their churches, their communities, their counties, their state, and their nation. We want progress on conservative issues and we want it now. It is because of your hard work and support that we are able to achieve any advancement towards these goals, but we still have much left to accomplish. I am honored by your endorsements and hope to continue working with you in 2023 to build on our conservative victories.”

To find out more about Rep. VanDeaver’s background, legislative accomplishments, stances on the issues, responses to negative attack ads, and campaign information, all are encouraged to visit Please remember that early voting ends on Friday, February 25th, and Election Day is Tuesday, March 1st.


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