Ron Stovall Explains His Plans If Elected Miller County Sheriff


After years of disarray in the Miller County jail and Sheriff’s Office, Ron Stovall was approached about considering retiring from the Arkansas State Police in order to run for Miller County Sheriff.  Stovall witnessed countless headlines concerning jail escapes and drug issues, knowing the citizens were outraged by the problems the law enforcement agency faced in Miller County. Stovall campaigned and was elected Miller County Sheriff in 2009.

“My first task was to regain control of the jail and fix the problems,” explained Stovall.


This task took several months to achieve.  Stovall orchestrated the hiring of new employees and ensured they were properly trained. The county spent thousands of dollars to repair damages to the facility in order to pass a jail inspection.


“With help from the Quorum Court and a new staff, this was accomplished,” said Stovall.


Under the leadership of Stovall, the Miller County Detention Center and Sheriff’s Office achieved great things, including acquiring grants valued over $100,000 to Miller County Sheriff’s Office for in-car cameras, bulletproof vests, tasers, crime scene equipment, and cameras for patrol. Stovall also facilitated the development of a training room to the Detention Center and implemented the Mobile Patrol app-the 2nd agency in Arkansas to do this!


He conducted meetings with Genoa and Fouke school superintendents and representatives from the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Western District of Arkansas about school security and acquiring School Resource Officers in each of those schools.


“I did exactly what was asked of me by the citizens of Miller County,” declared Stovall.


By restoring law and order and establishing a functional jail that became self-sustaining, Stovall appeased his constituents. He left the Miller County Sheriff’s Office and the jail in good standing, as a professional organization with a balanced budget.


Stovall has a proven record of effective leadership, making improvement while remaining within budget.


Stovall added, “When elected, I plan to evaluate and assess the current state of the Detention Center, Sheriff’s Office, and other assets.”


As part of a 4-year-plan, Stovall intends to initially focus on 7 key areas:

  1. Emphasis on Drugs, Burglary and Thefts.  High visibility Patrol.

Crime, including drugs, burglary and theft continue to plaque the county.  I will focus on these crimes to get offenders off the streets.

2. Community Relations Officer responsible for Intelligence/Threats/PIO/Social Media/Website.  

The Community Relations Officer will work with the community at large with an emphasis on the school districts in conjunction with the School Resource Officers (SRO).  Additional duties will be Intelligence/Threats, Public Information Officer, Social Media and Website, and coordinating meetings with residents to discuss any issues.

3. Return Fiscal sustainability to the jail to reduce/eliminate impact on General Fund.

4. Initiate a study with the City and County to determine if Jail Consolidation will benefit Miller County.

Miller County is only one of a few jails in Arkansas that does not directly book misdemeanor offenses.  I would like to study if consolidating Texarkana detainees into the Miller County Detention Center would save tax-payer money.

5. Create more office space and working area for the Prosecuting Attorney’s office to ensure security.

6. Auxiliary Program / Cadet Program

The Auxiliary program is a way to get the community involved and a way to “give back” to the community.  The addition of the Explorer Program creates a stepping stone for those young persons interested in a Law Enforcement career.

7. College Intern Program during summer break.

Interns are college students interested in Criminal Justice who are mentored for 10 to 12 weeks during the summer.  It will help them meet their educational goals and also assist the agency with manpower and special projects.


“I would appreciate your vote and support for Sheriff of Miller County on May 22, 2018.”

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