Ross Perot honored by Texarkana College

Ross Perot (Photo by Fernanda Hernandez | TXK Today)

Texarkana College honored billionaire alumnus Ross Perot with the opening of the Perot Leadership Museum.

The ceremony was held Friday morning inside the the Palmer Memorial Library.

Perot attended Texarkana College from 1948-1949. According to Perot tuition was $50 a semester and there were around 200 students.

“In my opinion Texarkana really is the center of the universe,” said Perot.


According to Texarkana College President James Henry Russell the college was nearly broke in 2012 when they went to Perot for help.

Perot committed to $1 million a year over the next five years, but only if the community would match with donations or by expanding the college’s taxing district to all of Bowie County.

Russell said that not only did Bowie County pass a county wide election, but they matched Perot’s donation dollar for dollar.

“The one thing I am certainly sure of is that things will never go still here, you’ll be moving moving moving at all times,” Perot told the crowd in closing.

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