Sheriff’s Office Investigating Dead Dogs Displayed on Tri State Rd.


Update – According to Sheriff Prince the dogs were not intentionally killed. They died from parvo.

This morning we took one of the puppies to a very experienced, local veterinarian, to be examined. His examination revealed the puppy probably died of parvo. A disease that will kill a whole litter of puppies. All of these dogs appeared to be puppies, from the same litter. It is wrong that they were just dumped on the side of Tri-State Rd, but they were not intentionally killed. It would cost around $200.00 to send the puppy off to have an absolute determination. This vet is very experienced and felt I felt it would be a waste of county taxpayers money, to send the puppy off. I would hope in the future this person would did a small grave to bury his or her dogs, if something like this ever happens again!
– Sheriff James Prince

According to a post in bowie county classifieds a gruesome scene was left on the side of Tri State Road this morning south of Highway 82 near Beaver Lake Estates.

According to the person that posted the photos there were multiple dead dogs displayed gruesomely along Tri State Road this morning. The account says there were five dead dogs and inside a bucket was a dead puppy.

Bowie County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Jeffrey Neal confirmed that the sheriff’s office did take a report this morning concerning deceased dogs on Tri State Road but he did not have details at this time.
“The way the animals are placed is deliberate and intentional as if the person wanted to be sure that the deceased animals were seen,” said the woman who took the photos.

Anyone with any information should contact Bowie County Sheriff’s Office at 903.798.3022 or 911.

Be warned the images are of dead dogs. Image 1 Image 2

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