Skate America continues legacy in new building


Skate America, one of the most iconic businesses in Texarkana will be moving locations and continuing its legacy of skating and fun in their new building located on St. Michael Drive.

This well-known skating rink has become a place where people of all ages, and all backgrounds can enjoy games, food, music and most of all, skating.

The new location opening this May is located at 6243 St. Michael Drive.

Owner, Bob Webb, recalled the beginning stages of the business which took place in 1983, when a business idea became reality, and through the years has evolved into one of the most recognizable places in the community of Texarkana.

Bob Webb, with tears in his eyes explained that Skate America has been much more than an investment. The skating rink has been used by his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, as well as people of all ages in the community of Texarkana. Thus, holding a very special place in his heart.

The future of Skate America will be bright in this new building, providing new activities and brand new skating equipment.

“Nothing is going to change other than we are getting bigger and better, and stronger for our community, and for the kiddos here in Texarkana,” explained managing business partner, Pam Adams. “We are going to have some great things like brand new interactive games for the children. It won’t be the older video games. We are going to have great skating and a great snack bar. Everything will be up to date exactly how the family has desired it for years. We believe this is their dream come true and something great for the community.”

The skating rink will offer a place to host birthday parties, after prom events, provide a place for children to attend after school or simply an afternoon of fun no matter what your age is.

According to Bob Webb and Pam Adams, the rink will be opening in May. “We are shooting for the first week of May for the opening day,” said Pam Adams.

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