SNBD Properties LLC Request to be on Upcoming A&P Agenda is Denied


SNBD Properties LLC. submitted an application for funding to the City of Texarkana, Arkansas, Advertising & Promotion Committee for the USA Conference Golf Tournament. Their request to be placed on the March 16th agenda was denied.

The Advertising and Promotion Committee was created to collect the 2 percent hotel and 3 percent restaurant taxes and then distribute those funds to applicants to promote tourism in Texarkana.  The intention is to attract “outsiders” to visit Texarkana, thereby stimulating the local economy.

USA Conference Golf Tournament is expected to attract over 150 people over the course of  5 days. The applicant is requesting $39,000 to be distributed to various vendors to pay for items like a Max Pro Golf scoreboard and welcoming packages for players and coaches.

The applicant, Amber Ferguson, said their intention is to incentivize the organization and tourists to continue to come back to Texarkana.  Having these additional items and activities leaves a good impression on our community and allows more money to flow in from outside the city.

Ferguson received this reply from the A&P Commission:

“Your funding request was not added to the Friday, March 16th agenda because neither the chairman nor three commissioners called a meeting for the purpose of hearing your request or adding it to the agenda. Please see below, each commissioner’s response to your request:

Add request to special called meeting agenda: Johnson, Moore

Do not add request to special called meeting agenda or no response: Teeters, Varner, Dennington, Cogburn”

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