Around 75 people carrying American and Confederate flags attended a southern heritage walk along Interstate 30 Saturday afternoon.

The walk which was organized on a facebook event page met at 6:30 p.m. in the Dixie Diner parking lot on Kings Highway.  From there they walked across the I-30 bridge and then east up Mall Drive.

This comes after South Carolina lawmakers voted to lower the Confederate flags on state capital grounds last week.

The Facebook invite told people to bring their American and Confederate flags to show their American patriotism and southern pride. “Let us take a stand and fight for our 1st amendment rights which our government would like to see taken away, and against political correctness which is crippling this nation. Be proud of where you come from and don’t let the government, mainstream media, outsiders or the misinformed tell you we should be ashamed!”

According to attendees it was all about “heritage, not hate” and everyone was invited to attend no matter their “race, religion, or nationality.”

Organizer Conley Hennigan told TXK Today, “I really just want people to understand that it isn’t about racism, it’s just a part of many people from the South heritage. Many of the people in attendance had family that fought for the south.”

Nash Police responded to a call reporting a traffic hazard due to people and cars with confederate flags blocking the roadway.  Officers told the group they were ok to continue as long as they remained clear of the roadway.


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