Christus St. Michael Hospital Voted 8th Most Beautiful in United States


A patient-centered design at Christus St. Michael Hospital in Texarkana, Texas earned the 20-year old hospital the 8th slot in a ranking of the most beautiful hospitals in the United States. The hospital was designed by a team led by Kirk Hamilton, now the associate director of Texas A&M’s Center for Health Systems & Design.

The annual rankings were determined in an online election hosted by Soliant Health, an Atlanta-based healthcare staffing company.

In the early 90s, Hamilton, co-founding principal of the architecture firm Watkins Hamilton Ross, was the senior designer in a project for the Sisters of Charity Health Care System, which sought to renovate a hospital they operated in Texarkana.

“Renovating the old building was going to cost a fortune and not give the hospital any additional capacity,” said Hamilton. “After four feasibility studies, the client said ‘we really ought to consider a new building.’”

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